Acrylic Chair

This project started in my first year at school. We were assigned to design a chair that would be built with one construction panel, no screws or paste. The design had to contemplate to chairs in one panel and no waste. Even though I used only one panel for my chair my concern was, were is the beauty in a construction panel? In time I found that the most beautiful part of the construction panel were the veneers. That repetition of layers of different kinds of woods, for me, was beautiful. As part of the project you had to incorporate another material that enhance and beautified the construction panel. I choose white acrylic. Both created a soothing and elegant look.  Once the project was finished I kept on working with the dimensions and how I could design a chair that would talk about a piece of art and design. How design can be beautiful and functional? That is when I choose clear acrylic. Both, the wood and the clear acrylic spoke of beauty and design, it was a collaborating between both materials.

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